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Children ' S Moths

Мотошлемы HJC / детские

The child's moth is a safety deposit on the track not only of your chada, but also, for obvious reasons, of you and your family. The moth requirements for children are as stringent as for your own. In addition to the good protection, a child's cross helmet must not yet obscure the young neck of a growing body. It's your trained neck to hold a half-kilogram casket and sit on it in all the senses of the chado:

Good firm child Motorcycle helmet is different from a professional adult with only a shell size. Serious brands, such as Fox, Fly, EVS, etc., child protection helmets are manufactured in the same way as large, using modern, tested materials and using the same high technology as "dip." Even the schedule won't give up adult champion models.

Given that at a young age, the Chado grows faster than your matttress, it makes sense to take a little helmet to grow up (we said a little! The child's helmet has to ensure a tight boarding of the young champion, and then a child moth can be used without it for a while.

And not a single motocrosse. We can buy a kid's helmet for a quadrocycle.

You can't just take and buy a child's moto like that. If you don't have the opportunity to visit our store in person (and not forget by accident), we'll be able to pick up a child's moto with the right amount on the child's head.

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