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Schuberth - motors from Germany

Мотошлем Хищник

Schuberth GmbH specializes in production Motocles For more than 70 years, and from the very beginning of its activities, it has striven to produce the highest quality. Strong quality orientation remains a corporate philosophy and this day, so each Schuberth helmet model belongs to the premier class and provides maximum head protection and highest comfort.

Today, in Magdeburg's arsenal of motoshlems, helmets for firemen, rescuers, policemen and the army. Schuberth also develops and produces carbon helmets for Formula 1 racers and is an exclusive partner of the Ferrari team. Schuberth may also be found in DTM, GP2, Formula 3 and others.

The first motor of Aero 1 was released in 1954. Schuberth SH integral 1976 is the first composite moto. 1984: Schuberth Sun Race is the first helmet with a built-in sun visor. Special pride of Schuberth - Flip-op mothswhich are the most compact, light and silent helmets in the world. In Sshuberth helmets in 2010, for the first time, the Bluetooth-garnite started serially. In 2011, a super-sport Schuberth SR1 helmet started.

Over the years, the firm has been pursuing an active policy of progress around the world and buy moths Schuberth was made possible in 55 countries. The most popular brand is the famous brand of "Made in Germany," which means perfect design and quality of manufacture.

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