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Sale of moto helmets and helmets

Недорогие мотошлемы

The protection of every rider is responsible and individual. The main accessory is, of course, a motorcycle helmet. It's this part of the amunition that will help you survive during the crash on the track, which is not rare for every cross racer. By acquiring this element of amunition, you will protect yourself from undesirable consequences and harm to health.

What does every racer need?

To protect you from turtle trauma, you need to buy the following motorcycle accessories:

  • Helmet;
  • (ballaclava);
  • protective glasses.

The helmet is in principle an integral part of the equipment for all motorcycles. Well, for riders, a motorcycle helmet needs more. Because the dangers on the track are much more hysterical than on the regular road.

Before you buy a helmet, you must consult with a consultant on the Internet store and your colleagues. It's necessary to avoid mistaken choices. The mistake in this matter may cost your health!

You need to choose an open or closed helmet. Open is more suitable for use on lung tracks and for single training. An open helmet will be more suitable for use during the summer.

If you prefer a more aggressive style of driving, you can't have an open helmet. In that case, you should buy the maximum closed type helmet.

Apart from the motochle, you need a fake mask, which is still called the Balaklava. It is necessary to eliminate skin friction and rigid inner helmet coating. Besides, the ballacle helps to prevent helmet from being odious.

Where and how?

Our PitBikeClub Internet store is already well known to athletes. It's in our store that you can buy a high-quality stitch mask or other accessories for the motocross, and cheap.

The prices of all helmets on our Internet store are more than profitable, and our consultants will kindly help you choose. Motocles in Moscowand the ballacle you need. In our widest range, I'm sure there's a choice that you need.

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