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Motocross helmet, motorcycle helmet, buy a moth

Шлемы IXS

Buying a moto is the first task for all motor racing and even for ordinary motorcycle drivers, scooters and mopeds. Motorcycle helmets are a mandatory passive protection not only from injuries, but also from the forces of the counter wind, insects and dust.


The Helmet Integral is a complete and very strong design that completely closes the head and face of the Ryder, analogous to the Fulfaces for the motocross. Integral is always equipped with an outside glass-taker, a vizor. Some models have an additional sunscreen, located inside the helmet, under the main outer glass. Many integrators have a system of locking the main visual from accidental opening at high speed, as well as sliders for uncontact opening, which allows the display to be lifted without touching it or leaving the prints on the surface of the glass.

The module is also a very popular type of motorway for urban driving, which is similar in many ways to its characteristics with integration, but often weighs a little more than its sporting assembly. This is due to the mothic being a modular combination of the main shell, which protects the head and folding jaw, which can rise upside down with a view to fully opening the face of the Ryder, hence the name of this type of helmet, molar. This decision prevents the removal of the helmet of the modular at the time of short-term stops, for example, to increase the thirst or telephone conversation, etc. The modulator ' s radar may be lifted separately from the removal, and is often equipped with a locking system from accidental opening at speed and a crawlspace for uncontacted recovery.
Open helmets are designed to travel in warm weather and are as easily as possible to increase comfort during long trips on public roads. On the basis of the design, a solid shell that protects the head of the dyder, leaving the face open. Inside, there is a soft, non-oprene pan that is easily removed for laundry.
Ventilation openings often do not have valves, meaning that the helmet will be used at positive temperatures, so the arc level shall be as low as possible.
Window and Visor tourism♪ This type of helmet is a classic version of the Fulface (full face) for enduro and tourism with a design similar to the motocross helmets. However, these helmets differ. For example, they are displayed by a view similar to urban helmets, integration and modular. Most often, the display can be easily dismantled, allowing the use of a helmet with conventional motocross and enduros.
Article Motocles

Motocross helmet

Motochles are different designs depending on the purpose of the model. Cross moth is the variety of the most common species - integration. It's a large enough protective moto that fits extreme race conditions. Before you buy a helmet for a motorcycle like that, you have to make sure it's effective. The moth must have a long chin oak, a head impact protection and an additional free breathing condition. He's also packed with a long visor. It's a closed moth. The appearance is, of course, very important, too. We can try truly beautiful moths that will like and bring everyone's attention!

Buy a moth in Moscow is not a trick, but it is important to select a suitable motoshlem store among the great variety. On the question, " Where to buy a sneak helmet " , we're in charge! Because our range involves a wide range of different manufacturers, including brands such as Fox, Fly, EVS, Shift, Shoei, HJC, Airoh and others. Among such diversity, we're sure we can find a convenient and affordable moth for ourselves!

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