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Motocles Ratting

Programme sharp: State-controlled safety of motor vehicles

Модуляр не нужно снимать
Long and persistent testing engineers from England, shutting down a secret bunker and distracting from the world, beatings, bells, powders, bees and motochles of various producers. Finally, they are ready to announce their test results. What do you want to know about your motospaka in the opinion of British scientists? Keep reading!

The SHARP programme, which is decoded as Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme, was established this year under the patronage of the British Ministry of Transport to fully study and classify motorcycle equipment, in particular helmets. A series of special tests have been developed and each model tested. More specifically, the five helmets of each name were tested using five morons repeating the most common forms of human head. The most popular integrations in England have been taken as test subjects, but in the future researchers promise to explore all products available in the British market, including models for children.

All tests can be sub-divided into two stages: the first measure is the helmet ' s ability to absorb the impact energy, the second step is to check how the articles withstand friction when sliding. Ultimately, the results of all tests were counted and compiled into a table in which the test was evaluated on a five-balanced scale. You'll find this table below, and you may find your casket there.

In anticipation of the resentment of the holders of certain considered chrestomaticly reliable models that the testers nevertheless divided the stars, I say that, of course, this test, like any other, does not claim to be 100% credible. But at least it is based on the results of real research, and all models here have been tested on an equal footing, while helmet factory tests, presented in print by different producers, are naturally uncorrect. Anyway, no one's making you take a full-sized study of the crazy British, let everyone make their own conclusions. And for those who didn't find their model or want to know more about the program, the address is

Prepared by Dmitri Tishchenko


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