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Modern motaches are divided into several species: integrateds, modulators, correlated and three quarters. The highest degree of protection for the integrations, which have excellent sound insulation and full head protection not only from impact, but also from dust, rain, wind and insects. Such models are designed for sports.

Modulators have a high level of protection. Their distinctive feature is an upside-down side oak. Such moths will suit those who wear glasses.

The motorcycle helmet has three quarters of a good hearing, a big review. However, this model covers only three quarters of the head, so it does not have the necessary level of protection. Short helmets are the simplest, easy and cheapest. They have a large hearing and review, but very low head protection.

A lens shall be placed on the display of quality helmets after special treatment, guaranteeing an excellent review and saving from scratch the display itself. Some motochles have an extra visual with excellent obscuration protecting the pilot ' s eyes from sunlight.

An effective and well-designed ventilation system providing comfort to a motorcycle is an important quality of any protective motochlem.

How do you choose the best moth?

Buy. Motocles in MoscowAs in any other city, however, the audited companies that offer products to reliable producers should follow. As part of the motochle store, it must be borne in mind that only a high-protection high-protection high-quality biker head would help avoid serious head injuries in the event of an accident. The choice of a better helmet for a motorcycle should therefore be taken very seriously.

The process of buying a motorcycle helmet starts with the model selection, and that will help the catalogue of our company's motoshles. Next, the model chosen should be exemplified immediately, as the mischaracterized moth not only delivers discomfort when operating, but may also cause health hazards in a fall or a minor accident.

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