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How do you pick a motorcycle helmet? Expert advice!

The motorcycle helmet is the most important and important element of the equipment that should be carefully chosen.

There are a wide variety of helmet models from different world brands, both famous and most accessible to consumers. ? We will describe the most common categories of motoschlems, tell them their differences and dignity. And in the end, we'll sum it up, and we'll make the outcome, where we should start with the choices and move away from it.

The helmet can be divided into four main types: open, integrated, modular and cross-cutting.

The simplest and most accessible are the so-called " three quarters " open helmets. The title is related to the helmet structure, which protects three quarters of the head, leaving only the face and chin open.

Such helmets may have a wind (glass) or a visor, and may be additionally filled with glasses. They're very simple in retro style. Such helmets are mainly used for imprescriptible speed equipment.

They were mainly distributed to scooter drivers, but thanks to the simplicity and usability of using these helmets today, they are used on utilitarian quadricycles and classical motorcycles, motorcycle castes and choppers.

The variations of this helmet are enormous, from the simplest casket to the last generation, which has been transformed into a separate category of so-called Transformer helmets.

Hybrid helmet: helmet transformer. This is essentially the same known " three quarters " with a low, full-blown view visor, with built-in sunscope glasses, but with a steep-proof bottom jaw that glued this helmet with something middle between the integrator, the modular and the three-quarters open helmet.

Such a helmet has a rich set of tourist helmets in its arsenal, where, in addition to the sun-protected visa, there is also training under the installation of the garnitural blouse (a wireless system to answer mobile phone calls and to be resettled with other members of the movement of the same garniter), a good vent with a cloth-plug (three possibilities) Helmet surveillancethe effect of the glazing is created, which gives significantly less protection of the visa and its rapid leakage if the glass is still warmed. In general, this type of so-called open helmet no longer falls short of the most insidious tour helmets of the modulem we will discuss below.

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