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Modern moto helmets differ by model type. The choice of the helmet depends on the area in which it will be used and the type of motor equipment. The most appropriate option for speed rides on a tourist motorcycle or sports bike is an integrated motor. This whole motoshlem design is the most secure. He has a transparent, twisted eye-proof vice. The integrated helmet protects the motorcycle's head safely in accidents. The modular helmet is different from the integrated presence of the rolling bottom, which protects the chin. This helmet will be fine when traveling for a distance and wanting to communicate without taking off the motor. An open helmet is a good option for daily trips to town on scooter or maxiscuter. It is not provided with a view to leaving the face completely open, but sometimes such helmets may be placed with a transparent shield. Such a moth is very comfortable, but can be used on small speeds.

STELLA It should be noted that the size of the helmet needs very careful attention. A helmet must sit tight enough and not discomfort or pressure at the same time.

The HJC and GSB helmets from known brands are constructed using state-of-the-art technologies that conform to the European quality and safety standard. These firms are known in the world. They're solid, reliable and comfortable.

The HJC or GSB moth can be bought and measured at our store in Moscow. Our managers will always help make the right choice. Call:

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