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How do you get a helmet?

Eighty per cent of motorcyclists in the crash are killed due to head trauma. Mothol is the most important element of passive protection for the biker. Accommodation can save life in an accident, protect against brain damage. When he moves, helmet protects the driver from the wind, stones and insects. The manufacturers ' motochles, Nolan, Caberg and Arai, are presented at low prices. The products of these brands are valued for high reliability, modern design and a wide model row.

Sale of moto-equipment He's got a lot of Internet stores. Regrettably, not every one of them can find advice on the choice of a motochlem, even though it is very important. Unsuitable and non-quality devices would not provide adequate safety, and in some cases they themselves pose a threat to the biker.

A solid motor in Moscow can be bought at 1, 4 to a few tens of thousands of roubles. The cheapest segment of the product is presented by open-type protective equipment. They are the minimum necessary for the law. The appliances will not be protected from the bypass wind or insects, but may be removed from head injuries when falling. However, an experienced merchant will not sell this type of biker's helmet that runs on a sports aggregate, as the absence of a person's protection may provoke an accident.

In the case of high-speed bay owners, the most common type of product is integrated. They are devices that protect the whole head. Integratives, there is an oxid glass, a vice that protects from sunshine, wind and insects. You can buy a motorcycle helmet at a cost of 3,5,000 roubles. The following indicators should be highlighted in the selection:

  • The quality of the glass. In the event of a fall, the view shall not be broken into the fragments, as it may cause an eye damage.
  • Like ventilation. It should be determined how easy it is to breathe in the integration.
  • Mass.
  • Consignment material.

There is also a more expensive subtype of integration, a cross helmet. It's used in professional sports. The main features of this type of protection are the absence of a visa and the forwarded chin oak (for air circulation).

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