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Motocles and their characteristics

Выбираем шлем (мото СПб

At the center of the FrontFlip equipment, you can buy a moto from leading producers. We offer only quality goods with quality assurance and certification.

In the catalogue of our store, you will only find those moths that are available. We are constantly expanding the range of products and offering goods at favourable prices.

Besides, you can buy a motto at the SPB with a discount by going to our Equipment Center.

If you ignore the moth, you better not get on a motorcycle. Protection for a motorcycle is the first rule to be taken into account by anyone who controls two-wheeled transport. It's the moth that can save you from a fatal injury.

Helmet protects not only his head from possible injuries, but also the hearing and vision.

During the movement, a permanent wind whistle shall be created, accompanied by a rhetoric of the engine. These soundings are rapidly exhausting and subsequently reducing the focus on the road, which could lead to accidents.

Also, the moth protects eyes from dust, dirt, small rocks, insects.

Therefore, in choosing the motor, attention should be paid not only to the manufacturer, his type, materials, aerodynamic qualities, but also to the helmet ' s noise.

But what are the moths?

Selected species:

  • Integrators are classified as fully closed. Good sound insulation, low aerodynamic resistance. This option is suitable for motorcycle owners;
  • Three quarters are sufficiently light helmets, which are of good review, classified as open;
  • Moduleres - they can be placed at one level with integration. The main characteristic is the upstream chin oak;
  • sexuality is characterized by good review, low price, but also low protection. It's the simplest kind of moths.

It's important to point out that in our store, you can also get comfortable. Scooter helmet♪ In addition, our specialists will help you get the product properly and provide professional advice.

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