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Baiker Helmet

Baikers and superstition

«Бывалый» байкерThere was always a high-risk motorbike. It's natural that it became a catalyst for the development of different superstitions and will. I tried to find and collect some of them. Of what I found, most of it wasn't superstitious, but rather advice, comments and instructions from the Bakers.

There's a lot about the moth. For example, one of my friends has such an example. If he falls off a motorcycle at least scratches his helmet or his sight on it, he runs straight to the store for a new one. 'Cause I'm just sure that now a scratched helmet is going to be in trouble and he'll fall again.

МотошлемThe Bakers will advise you first to look into the tank before each trip. I don't need to explain. Most old motorcycles don't have a fuel transducer, so it's not a sin to make sure there's petrol. You'll always be on the road before you travel. Relax. Calm down. Get rid of the bike.

Bakers are basically the same cowboys or knights, just the horses of their iron. But the point remains the same. Motorcycles are as inspired. They're being taken care of. Give them attention. Talk to them. Respect. And saintly believe that motorcycles will also treat their riders. To keep the bike clean and to keep it clean and to keep it clean, it's not even superstition or acceptance, it's a direct responsibility.

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