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Cross Helmet

Catalogue: Cross helmets

Кроссовый мужской шлем AGV AX8

Models of helmets for motocross have original shape, which is markedly different from helmets for other sports. Such a helmet has a bright front and has a special visor that protects the face from the dirt and the sun. Some modifications are designed to be combined with cross-axis, while others have protective glass.

Any cross-walking motto should have ribbed panels on the side of the review. These devices are exposed to scratches and loss of contact with cross-sections. In addition, the panels are additionally fixing the cross section of the cross section, which is very important, since the rest of the webbing machine is smooth, the reliability of the fixation makes it the side rib plates.

The design of the helmet is designed to ensure maximum ventilation even with the increased loads on the respiratory system that are characteristic of the sport. The ventilation system consists of special openings. This is a large opening in the chin peat and additional small holes that are commonly located in the bottom of the forehead, as well as water holes in the back of the helmet. Also, the intake vents are sometimes located on the side of the cross-motorile chin.

The spring helmet with the glass has the same level of safety and protection as the cross helmets that are intended to carry together with Motorcycle glasses♪ However, there is a special anti-drug glazing in place of space for additional gadget. Most often, the glass is also equipped with anti-pocket coatings that prevent direct sunlights from reaching the pilot. The glass is so designed that the dirt from underneath the wheels is not kept on it for long. In most of the modifications, if necessary, it can be raised upstairs. The strength of the anchorages is therefore important for cross-motorms with glass.

The helmet provides the pilot with maximum protection and sound isolation. The flow remains comfortable driving even at a very high speed with a strong counter flow of air. The glass protects the pilot's face from stones, dust, insects, rain.

Motocrass lovers often argue about what kind of helmet is more suitable for fast drive. It is likely that choice depends on the personal characteristics and habits of each individual. It's important that the motto be strong, comfortable and reliable.

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