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Female Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle foam: catalogue, purchase helmet

Active rest is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. The manifold sense of a controlled speed and a bright emotion from traveling on all-way technology attracts people of different ages. Of particular admiration is the ability of the people involved to move quickly on any surface at any time of the year - snow plains, water or roads encrypted in asphalt.

The appropriate equipment and accessories are needed entirely by everyone, as a matter of priority for convenience and protection, and of course for the beauty and completeness of the image of the present Ryder.

The self-respecting technicians usually represent the appropriate garment entertainment. For example, the BRP brand, which is the leader of the snow, hydrocycles and quadrocycle manufacturers, annually creates a collection of equipment for rolling any type of motor equipment.

When selecting quadrocycle, snow or hydrocyclic clothing and accessories, use some simple advice.

In this section, you will be able to see and acquire everything necessary for the rolling on the BRP engine.


Today, there is a huge range of head protections for motorcycles, scooters, quadruple cycles or snows, which are very different.

An important point is the nature of the operation of motor vehicles - urban or tourist trips, cross-enduro, sports.

So you need to know clearly three things for a good choice of mothschlem:

  1. Type of motor equipment - (when to ride)
  2. Nature of operation - (where and how to ride)
  3. Your head size (may be determined with a centimetre and in our salon).

So, helmets:

INTEGRAL (Full-Face). Approaches for high speed travel, used by drivers of tourist and sports motorcycles. It has high leakage and protection against impact and noise. There are race and tourist integrations subdivided according to the position of the visa: in the race, it is located a couple centimeters higher (for the purpose of checking the road from the position on the tank); on the other hand, the tourist display is slightly lower.

MODULAR (Flip-up). The external is identical to the integration, which is completely different from the rearmost part and the rising view. This is an advantage for tourists, couriers, as it allows frequent short stops to communicate, make calls, eat without taking off the helmet. A very convenient option for utilitarian and tourist snows.

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