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Dosches against bullet

кевларовый шлем Каска-1

Protective helmet (cask)

Like the Cyrax, the Army Defense Helmet (or French cascade) came from the past. It has been transformed into a combat armory that has protected warriors for thousands of years. The truth in the military history was a period when the soldiers ' heads were guarded only by hats with feathers, kieras and languishes, but, like all other fools and indifferences, the module eventually mined and the metal protective helmets returned to service.

The protective helmets were remembered during the First World War 1914-1918. The point is, it was a exploding war, and the main purpose of defeating it was the soldiers ' heads who regularly appeared above the trenches. They were beaten with machine guns, covered with shrapnel, mugged with fugs. It is self-evident that the loss of personnel from the attacks has risen dramatically in the head. That's when the generals hit the alarm.

The French developed their first helmet. He was named Adriana and was flowing early in 1915. The French helmet was going from three parts: the collpaca, the skirts and the ridge. The use of a protective helmet significantly reduced the loss of French people. The number of people killed fell by about 12 to 13 per cent, nearly 30 per cent. Such a remarkable result could not be left unnoticed by other parties to the conflict. The Adriana helmet was immediately purchased by the Union countries: Britain, Russia, Romania, Italy, Portugal, etc.

However, the British military leadership did not fulfil the quality of Adriana ' s protection, and it was therefore decided to establish its own English helmet. The choice of the military went to John Leopold Brody's design. Broady ' s model was based on the Kappelin medieval iron hat, in which Englishmen fought over the XI-XVI century.

Helmet Steel Mk1 was unsatisfactory, which translates into a steel first modification. He was full-time and had broad fields. In that helmet, it was good to sit in a trenches feeling that an umbrella was covered from the top, but it's damn uncomfortable to attack, because Mk1 was sitting on his head very high, so she didn't defend the whiskey, the ears and the back. Nevertheless, the English Strip was immediately adopted by the United States, Canada and Australia.

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