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Helmet Integrated

Buy a helmet integrated (motor full face) in a low mosk


The helmet integrated (or fullface) is a modern and reliable part of the motorcycle ' s gear protecting chin. The motorcycle helmets of this type completely close their head while ensuring a convenient view through the windscreen(s). The proposed type, the motochle integrated, provides maximum protection for the lower face: for statistics, approximately one third of the crash impact is in the chin area.

Buying a helmet full face means ensuring his safety at the highest level while maintaining the maximum aerodynamic of the pilot. Helmet is specially designed to travel at high speeds, and he is popular with both motorcycle owners and roadblocks.

Before you buy a helmet, you have to make the right choice of the model. There are two types of helmet: a sports drive and tourists. In the selection, reference should be made to the existing motorcycle, its technical and speed characteristics (e.g. windscreen). The difference in helmets is to board the head, as the helmet is tightly attached to the boilers, different angles of the review depending on the models. At the top helmets, the centre of gravity shifts closer to the neck, so that the weight of the helmets cannot be easily reduced, they also have spider and aerodynamic ridges.

The Fulpheys helmet protects the owner from all the unfavourable weather conditions, and the presence of a pin (second inner glass) will not give your viewing a sweat. If you choose the product, you'll have to look at the size of the helmet. The shell of each model is unique - it is made of various materials (thermoplastics, composite materials and even carbon) using the most advanced technologies. The ventilation openings will ensure that helmets are used as comfortable as possible in hot weather conditions. The collar, the lining and the cheeks are made of hyper-alergenic breathing material.

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