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Helmet Surveillance

Визор шлема Airoh

The glass for the helmet can be bought in our store separately, like the quality, size and shade. The glass for the helmet does not detract from the sight, but it gives the athlete the style. It is possible to buy a flashlight on a moth, both in mirror, smoke, yellow or orange performance and in the most common, completely transparent.

Motochle glass - selection criteria

The choice and purchase of a view on the helmet should be such that the outer aesthetic does not lose its functionality. The moth glass shall be:

  • Strong;
  • Provide good visibility from all angles;
  • not to form fragments when destroyed;
  • Don't sweat or mutate;
  • Don't keep dirt on the surface of the coma, snow and a drop of water.

The Vega helmet glass meets all these requirements. Even more - Vega helmet visas, low-cost heating glasses are suitable for drivers of quadrcycles, motorcycles and snows. They're universal, quality and affordable.

Buy glass on our helmet Internet store may be both a starter and an experienced athlete. We have the widest choice of accessories and equipment for drivers who prefer both extreme and moderate driving styles.

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