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I'll Buy A Helmet

I'll buy oculus rift helmet a virtual reality

Friends, there's no one who knows that the basis of the stockings isn't on the PROCATS, it's on the SCHEMOV.
You collect orders and then deliver those who have left the prepayment.

A lot of people ask, what happens when OCULUS RIFT comes into mass sales? First, this will not happen before the summer of 2015, secondly, points will simply turn to the diller centers and continue to sell helmets and demonstrate their work. Those who were able to organize the network could sell it to OCULUS RIFT officials.

I'm making a PRODUCTS for you, which will allow you to earn your money.
So what happens:

- " Arganization of Helmet delivery to Russia. Establishment of your mailbox in America. " You can take orders on your helmet and deliver them to Russia and sell them properly.

- training on " Space launch in its city " - which deals with all issues such as " Open IP or GS " , " How to sign a contract with TC " , etc.

- Programme for recording and monitoring remote tracking games

- Playing the most chat games: 15 games for Oculus Rift DK1 and 10 games for DK2

- The bench, the files with all the sizes - that you'll be making a staircase in any advertising agency.

- Flashers, certificates, bills.

- Access to a closed MASTER GRUPPU, where weekly webinars will be available with a complete set of indicators and questions

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