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Lazer Helmet

Lazer helmets - moths and snow helmets

2015 лазер новичок яд ретро

The Belgian company Lazer Helmets is founded in 1919 as a family enterprise and is the world ' s oldest producer of sport and motorcycle helmets. The very trade name of the Lazer helmets appeared in 1974.

From the beginning, from the production of leather helmets to the production of hundreds of thousands of modern motochles in our time, the company has a philosophy of developing the best products with the best technologies available at the time of production.

And today there are the same rules: every helmet Lazer is conceived, designed, produced and tested by people who are interested in the idea of a better head protection, so purchase Lazer, you can focus entirely on pleasure from driving, being calm for your safety.

Lazer Helmets is the author of a number of innovative technologies in the production of motochles. Composite materials such as I.M.A.C, Pure Carbon and Pure Glass have made helmets both easier and easier. The Morpho System Plus system can adjust the helmet interior to the individual face, thereby improving the driver ' s comfort and improving safety by a helmet-to-head tighter. Lumino's self-containing vizor is a real revolution in the production of vizores. Visor is automatically shut down under the bright sun and at the same time provides the necessary transparency at night when normal tone visas make it virtually impossible to drive.

At present, the firm ' s range has different types, snow helmets and paraglyde helmets. Bike Land is an official distributor of Lazer ' s products in Russia and offers Russian buyers all the motorcycle and snow helmet line, as well as Motocles

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