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Lazer Helmets

Helmets of lazer


The Belgian company LAZER HELMETS has, since its founding in 1919, travelled from leather to sports and motorcycle helmets on innovative technologies. As one of the first helmet manufacturers, the company now retains its leading position in this area. The key principle of its work is the creation of high-quality helmets using:

  • Best technologies available to date;
  • strict quality assessments;
  • original design.

If you want to get the maximum pleasure of driving and be sure of your safety, you'll be advised to buy LAZER. Each product of this brand is designed, developed, produced and tested by specialists with a combined goal of maximum head protection, so the LAZER moto-equipment is of excellent quality and efficiency. At favourable prices, sales LAZER helmets and their components (visors, filters, cables, screens, jaws) are carried out on the Panavto Internet store.

This brand is fully in line with all world security standards, has excellent protective features and original design. All the elements used to create this moto-equipment provide the highest anti-drug protection. The LAZER helmets can be bought for motorcycles of different types, snows, and for paraglade.

This Belgian producer uses many unique technologies to create motochles, such as:

  • The helmet system under individual head characteristics, which improves comfort and safety through a strong protective product.
  • Light and solid composite materials that optimize the dispersion of the impact wave and improve the energy absorbed by the impact.
  • Visor, maintaining its transparency at night and automatically wrapped by bright sunlights.
  • Rigidity Brace, the essence of which is the introduction of aluminium ring helmet. It significantly increases lateral rigidity and provides improved protection against side impacts.
  • Morpho system consisting of a special internal lining. They are easily removed for washing and, if necessary, can be replaced by more suitable user options.

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