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Moped Helmet

Helmet failed: a moped driver died in a sevastopol in the crash

An accident took place in Sevastopol on 19 November. Two cars and mopeds were injured in the crash. Moped driver died.

Sevastopol: helmet by field

BMW X5 and Ford Transit and Moped. Social network users report this.

Witnesses told me the moped driver died. His helmet was split in half.

Victoria Ilina, Sevastopol: Виктория Ильина

♪ I've been passing through a fifth kilometer about an hour. There was a man's body on the asphalt that covered the sheets. The helmet was lying around, and he was smashed. It's a terrible sight. I'm sorry for the man.

Witnesses suggest that the moped was thrown on the front lane.

GIBD vehicles were present at the scene. But no official comment yet.

According to the eyewitnesses, it's clear that the driver of the Ford had a mopedist, leaving him on the counter. The driver of the BMW, who was driving under another strip, was unable to stop in time and travelled to the moped driver. The man died on the spot.

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