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Шлем для снегохода ”SOL SM-1

You can see, measure and purchase the goods at Spb, Frunzen District, Bucharest Metro Station, Strelbishen D 22
We can meet at the subway.
There's a delivery to St Petersburg as a courier.

Let's reset the helmet on Russia by the transport company Auto-Tradeing.

As many of our permanent buyers have already noticed, the Helmet company has become the official dealer of THH moths. And this product can certainly be one of their post-crisis leaders in the Russian market. We are preparing for publication reviews of some helmet models, and now we want to brief you on this famous Taiwan manufacturer and his products.
Tong Ho Hsing (THH Helmet Company) is a Taiwan company based in 1974. Thanks to its commitment to the quality of products produced, the company rapidly grew and strengthened its reputation in the markets of Japan and Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia and Latin America.
THH now has more than 500 highly qualified and experienced staff, and the company produces more than 75,000 helmets per month. The company ' s management continues to invest in production capacity to increase this capacity. Production process and products certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standards, ECE 22/05, Snell and SG (Japan Certificates), DOT. There are no other companies in Taiwan that could compare quality and safety with THH, and there is little in the world of companies with such experiences.
All products are developed using 3D modelling. Helmets have a thickness of 1, 8 mm and exceed the strictest requirements of international standards. Helmets are produced using advanced robotic equipment from materials and components from all over the world, including Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy and, of course, Taiwan.
Today, most THH helmets are made of ABS and polycarbonate, but production lines for helmets of high-technology materials such as carbon are being prepared.
The wide range of THH helmets is now available in Russia.

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