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Motorcycle Jacket

Tourist uterus

The most comfortable motto is for tourists, it has its own characteristics. Mostly the jacket is different from its length, it covers the top of the bucket. These jackets are listed in a separate section for protective equipment. They're for those who prefer calm and comfortable long-range driving in any weather. Compared to " race jackets " , enduro jacket or tourist jacket is provided with the same protection, but has lower rigour. They distinguish between universality and classical style: free cream, long sleeves and long bulk of the jacket, high collar. The jacket provides for everything to create a high comfort: good moisture, warming, ventilation and adjustment systems, many pockets. Everyone who spends a lot of time in a motorcycle's saddle should like the jacket. It is three quarters of the length of the coat. Free croche deteriorates protective properties, when the jacket falls, it may be more likely to collapse, but the reduction of protective characteristics is compensated by comfort.

15900 shirt

The jacket could be classified as textiles, but it's the cover and length that distinguishes it from conventional short textiles. The best models of enduro jackets have slack protection on their elbows and an ergonomic sleeve with stretches, slack sleeves for hot weather, an inner gridded liner that allows air to circulate inside the jacket. The material for these jackets is a nealon with breathing properties.

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