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Motorcycle Jackets

Мужские куртки осень 2013

A motorcycle ride is more dangerous than a car. All types of motorcycles have their own protective equipment


Many world manufacturers develop special protective clothing to travel through the track (motor traffic). To drive, pilots use special leather clothes - a whole combination of hard-walls on the back - an aerogorbum, hard shoulders and elbows, knees, and special linings - " Layders " - on the outside of their knees, it is in the gamma of many firms.

Road equipment.

The purpose of road engineering is to preserve high protective properties with maximum user comfortable. Therefore, advanced tourism technologies, such as membrane, kevlar boxes and so on, are used.

Off-road equipment.

Since there is no asphalt and no asphalt, most of the equipment (except shoes) is made of textile. On the other hand, the falls in the motocrosse occur more frequently, so the gear is as much as possible focused on protection against the ground.

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