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Open Helmets

Helmets open 3/4 for motorcycle, scooter, choppers to buy


An open motorcycle or JET motor can feel the beauty of a fresh wind. The purchase of a helmet always depends on the type(s) of the motorcycle you prefer to move. Note the interior helmet emplacement, mainly from hypoallergenic materials, which provide comfort and protection to the head.

Based on the wishes of motorcycles, the stores propose:

  • An open helmet with a blade of solid material with special spray against scratch;
  • Open helmet with visor (stylist);
  • An open helmet with a view and built-in glasses (conserving comfortable driving on bright sunday or weather);
  • A light open helmet for a scooter with a glass covering only the eyes.

You going on a trip? You want to look stylish and attractive, then pick open helmets for motorcycles, comfortable with the fact that, unlike your analogs, you have a big function and as comfortable as possible in operation. They are easier and wide-ranging. They're also called helmet 3/4 because they have a large part of their face open. The glass at the open chopper helmet rises and falls down, most models have glass fixation to prevent the opening of the visa during the movement.

Some manufacturers manufacture Scooter helmet open with a visor, which in this case protects the eyes against direct sunlight. Many motorcycles prefer to buy helmets covering their head for three quarters, this is the so-called classic appearance and the possibility of using a variety of rubber glasses classic and dioptriic. Such helmets are very popular with the owners of choppers and cruisers.

It's easy to buy an open motor in Moscow. At the same time, it is important to correctly determine the size of the head and the circumference of the head in centimeters or inches. An adult size table from XS to XXXL is available on the Internet store. According to this table, choose your helmet size, given that he has to sit on his head sufficiently tight. Any questions left? Call us! Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.

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