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On the last tournament of the Big Helmet in Tumeni

Турнир Большого шлема. Дзюдо. ТюменьThe women ' s prefabricated Russia has not been able to occupy any first place on the tournament of Foto: Nikolai Bastrekov.

The last round of the Big Helmet in Tumeni ended with the general victory of the Japanese prefabricated assembly, which won seven gold medals. The Russians managed to take the first three seats. Since next year, the tournament has been moving to Catherineburg.

Prior to the solemn opening of the competition on 16 July, the Governor of the Tymen province, Vladimir Yakushev, called the tournament " acquaintances " because he was in the immediate run-up to the Olympic Games. The head of the region wished sportsmen good luck and no injuries.

The first day of the tournament turned into one big Russian-Japan confrontation. Of the seven strikes for the first place, six were between Russian and Japanese athletes. In all six weights, up to 48, 52, 57 and 63 kg for women and up to 60 and 66 kg for men, Japanese won. The only " gold " for the Russian prefabricated conquered up to 73 kilograms of the Tumen fighter Musa Mushkov. He was confronted by another seal, Arby Hamhoev. For the Mayor who defeated the Popon, this is the third “solo” Big Helmet.


Foto: Nikolai Bastrick.

Musa Mushkov will shortly assist the Russian judo team in preparing for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In Rio, another athlete would fight Russia, but the chief coach of the prefabricated Ecio Gamba noted that the Munich had every chance to speak from Russia on the 2020 Olympics.

On 17 July, the Russian Judoists approached the top stage of the pedestal twice. Zoloto conquered Aslan Lappingagov in weight to 81 kg and Andrei Volkov, who won over 100 kg in the last tournament. Two sorcerers conquered on Sunday by Swedish Judoists. In weight up to 90 kg, the first place in the fight against the Rossian Hussein Halmurzaev conquered Marcus Newman. In weight up to 100 kg, a colleague from Newman in the prefabricated Martin Pacek took the first place. After Tumeni, the Swedes have to speak at the Olympics in Rio. Unlike most of the 25 prefabricated ones who were afraid of possible injuries, brought their leaders to the prison, the Swedes arrived at the first.

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