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Protection For Motorcycles

The neck protection system.

Having conducted a number of intensive studies and tests, BMW Motorrad, a world leader in the production of innovative motorcycle safety systems, submitted a neck protection system by the beginning of the motorcycle season 2007. At that time, many types of protective equipment have not protected the critical area of the neck and throat. According to accident statistics, there are relatively few injuries in this section, much more injuries occur in other parts of the body, but neck injuries pose a very high risk to the health and life of the pilot. The consequences of such injuries are often tragic. To fill this gap in many safety concepts, BMW Motorrad engineers offer a neck protection system based on comprehensive research. The main objective was to reduce the risk of injury to the neck spine in the falls. In most cases, such injuries are whiplash (more than 60 per cent of the injuries of the cervical spine section) or are caused by a compression of the spine due to the impact of the helmet.

The BMW Motorrad neck protection system is based on a simple principle: in the influence of large forces, to provide controlled head support without allowing it to be changed to dangerous positions. The special design of the BMW Motorrad neck protection system meets the target of four methods: impacting materials on the body ' s areas of contact with the surface; high-efficiency components; interaction of movable parts with frictional and energy-absorbing surfaces; well-defined destruction points.

The system ' s performance is ensured by the fact that, in model situations, the impact of trauma forces is transferred directly from the head to the upper torso. This allows the cervical spine section to be removed from the effects of potentially dangerous forces.

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