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Scooter Helmets

Assortium is represented by michiru of different types at an adequate price

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One head is good, and the harmless is better!

Where do you want to buy a low-cost moto in Moscow? That's a very right question. Every fast-track driver should first take care of his head. Well, don't forget the style. And Scooterm is ready to offer you low-cost helmets for motorcycles, quadracycles, bikes and scooters.

  • Integrators (including sunscreen models) for safe protection;
  • Open helmets without chin arc for excellent review and hearing;
  • Modulars with a fully lifted jaw with a high level of safety;
  • Cross models with protective visor.

You can buy Motorcycle helmet, a scooter or a bike of different colours (from black and white to bright spots and neon shades), with a glang or matt, for adults and even child models.

In addition to scooter helmets, there are also:

  • Alpinestars and Michiru, including from clean cotton;
  • Motorcycle AVIA and Cross Falatt and Michiru with single or double glass.

A right-size and functional helmet will save you from possible injuries in the fall or accident, as well as bad meteos that hit the eyes of the sun and the dust everywhere.

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